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Cleaning out the caliper bracket holes

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This is really a more general question but I usually have this issue when I'm changing my brakes.

The caliper guide/slide pin gets stuck or does not slide in and out easily. When I pull out the pin, it looks pretty clean so I assume there is build up inside the hole. What is a good way to clean it out without specialized tools?

I usually use the pin itself and try to work it in and out a few times. Sometimes that works, sometimes, not really.
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nail polish remover will do the job. Pour NPR into the hole, mix with cotton swab, then empty it

If there's any rust, the bast way to clean is the muriatic acid or high rpm brush

Another thing to check is the caliper piston. Use cotton swab to check the surface under the rubber seal, it should be rust and dust free, then spray some silicone brake lube.
thanks, I'll give that a try. If I had a brush that was narrow enough and could reach down so deep, I would just use that.
is it the one with the grommet on the pin? if the grommet is loose or saggy that might be the problem.
I used a circular file and go to town on the buildup.
I would spray the hole with brake cleaner and use a wooden handle cotton swab to get the larger chunks of hardened grease out.
Then use emery cloth on the slide pin itself, or a bench grinder with a brass wheel, until clean and shiny then grease the pin well and reinsert.

I don't recommend using a anything too abrasive as this would enlarge the hole and create slop in the assembly possibly causing the caliper to bind when moving.
Thanks, all good ideas
I spray some lube in and then use an exact fit drill bit that I turn by hand.
They can certainly be a pia. I've had them break off in the bracket, but I use crocus cloth wrapped around a drill bit in a drill opposed to turning manually.
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