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I just got a check engine light today too! I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread but I found this one first so I'll see if I get any responses. Anyway, the diagnostic tool showed P2118: throttle actuator control.

I'm not sure myself if I should be worried especially since my wife and little one year old will be driving the SF long distance this week. Opinions?

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i made you, your own thread - since it s totally different topic than the thread you posted in. i didnt want your specific code to get muddled up within a thread that was talking about a different code.

Possible causes
- Faulty Throttle Actuator Control Actuator
- Throttle Actuator Control Actuator harness is open or shorted
- Throttle Actuator Control Actuator circuit poor electrical connection
What does this mean? What does this mean?
When is the code detected?
Engine Control Module (ECM) detects short in both circuits between ECM and throttle control motor.
Possible symptoms
- Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
P2118 Hyundai Description

The throttle control motor is operated by the Engine Control Module (ECM) and it opens and closes the throttle valve. The current opening angle of the throttle valve is detected by the throttle position sensor and it provides feedback to the ECM to control the throttle control motor to make the throttle valve opening angle properly in response to driving condition.
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