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Procured mesel' a 96 coupe yesterday, pushing 220kms but she's all healthy.
Someone's done a 5 metre paint job on it in the past for some reason, and some plastic interior bits are broken - But if ya left one of us out in the weather for 20 odd years we'd probably not end up as well off.

Tightened throttle cable, gave it an oil change (from super hot - yew), injector cleaner, air filter, and plugs.

Gave it a proper good clean too, kinda nice having so little car to actually clean.

[this is where I had a bunch of pictures ready to go, but I have to wait a week to post them???]

I'll dump the oil after a couple weeks and put good stuff in with another filter, just to clear all the shyte out properly.

Tempted to cat delete too >:D

Anyway this is car #18 and that's my story.
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