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Central Locking

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Description hi , I have a sante fe which has problems (suspect multiple) with central locking , intermittantly locking itslef - very annoying - even driving down the road.
drivers door controls for central locking unlock button does not unlock the doors - button just doesnt do anything. Lock button works fine.
in addition window controls on drivers door dont work - only control that works is the one for the drivers door.
final pice of the puzzle - the red light in the drivers door does not work either nor does the drivers door button panels light up.
starting to wonder is there a fuse or quirky power supply problem somewhere

have already replaced master ctrl unit for central locking

any ideas ?
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I have had wires pinched in that bundle that runs from the car to the door numerous times, usually because they didn't put enough slack in the harness. Open the door as wide as you can and you'll find that rubber boot. Un-clip it from the door and pull it back and it should reveal all the wires. If you're lucky it will have pinched and broken right in the middle, that's where mine did it both times. If this happens to be the issue, I'd recommend adding a little bit more wire just to relieve the strain so it doesn't happen again.

Best of luck!
hi lovemysantefe

you were 100% accurate in the diagnosis, 5 or 6 broken wires , plus a few stripped. very difficult to get a decent joint, that will allow the rubber sleeve slide down over. I will see if I can source a loom for the drivers door locally

thanks for the help , saved me a lot of time
My 2007 santa fe elite has just got the sunroof repaired at the local hyundai dealer. ( new electric motor and mechanism) now the central locking doesn,t work with the remote. Tried the second remote same result. Worked fine before it went into the dealer. The vehicle is still in warranty till late december, as the problem was reported a month ago and waiting for parts i,m covered. Any suggestions what the problem could be as they don,t seem to know?
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