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Put the black steel wheels on for winter. Rather than put the standard hubcaps back on I want to put chrome trim rings and a chrome center cap or hub cover....have not been able to locate a 4 bolt center cap. Does anyone know where to purchase these? Actually the all black wheel doesn't look all that bad on the black Accent....

By the way, putting the stock wheels back on took care of a lot of that shimmy/jittery ride. but not all..I think some is just due to it being such a light car and the short wheel my 06 Sonata at times had that same jittery the suspension may be partly to blame as well....

The tire tech point out a low spot on the inside of the tire that could be the cause of the feeling that the car is hopping.....does the dealer handle this warrenty item or do I go to a tire place that handles the stock tires?
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