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I inherited this vehicle last year only had about 20k on it. I love it.

One thing though I do not love is the cd and bluetooth. I've owned many cars and I have yet to have this annoying issue:

When I shuffle a CD it works, then if I go somewhere and shut off the car then get back in it the shuffle function stops working and just plays from whatever song it was so if it was shuffled on song 4, then would play where I left off but the shuffle is now turned off and plays in normal order.

Next thing is the bluetooth. This is just as annoying. Say I'm using my phone for playing mp3s and shut the car off, it literally is taking the time to load my "contacts" from my phone before I have to manually replay the bluetooth player.

Any suggestions to these issues?

Also, a new system is not out of the question. Is a whole new interface aftermarket one possible with this and able to use the existing cd player, and I would love to add a subwoofer. I have a single Apline Type R big slot port, wondering if I could either use the existing free air sub to the amp also or get an aftermarket sub?
The sub is less then average. I do think the speakers are decent for factory.
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