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Wondering if anyone else has had experience with the CarPlay2Air (or CPLAY2air) wireless adaptor for CarPlay on their vehicle?

The CarPlay2Air adaptor is a little box with a USB cable. You plug it in to the regular USB spot where you would plug in for wired CarPlay to your iPhone. Once you connect via Bluetooth and WiFi - then in theory you now have Wireless CarPlay in your car and no need to plug in the phone. Sounds awesome but I've had some issues.

On my Hyundai Tuscon MY18 Highlander (top line in Australia, don't know what its called around the world if anything different) - all I get is "Reading USB" for ages and nothing further. I have wiped any existing Bluetooth connection with phone - nothing. Waited 5 mins - nothing.

Anyone else tried anything like this and had similar problem or success? Really would like to get this thing working.
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