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Requesting help. 2006 XD. Automatic Transmission.
Car will start but will not move forward or in reverse.

Car started making a noise about a week ago, and felt sluggish in acceleration. Worse at moderate speeds, but also there at idle. Took car to a transmission shop, they didn't run their scanner because they said they loaned it out on a house call, but instead went for a test drive. They said there maybe something with the converter but it likely had another 30K and then to worry about getting a new transmission... I thought great news!

Well less than 20 miles later, it not longer drives. (all within 1 mile) RPMs started jumping, then car started making the sound more, and then it would no longer accelerate at all. Car stopped driving in forward. Thinking I could get the car the 1 mile home I started driving in reverse, now it will not drive forward or reverse. Wheels are not stuck I can push the car fine in neutral.

Any thoughts?

Thank you
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