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Car Stall At High Speed

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Weird problem:

While at hwy speed, the car stalls. meaning loss of complete power, the engine turns off for a split second.
You can feel the car jerk, slow down hard as if slamming on the brakes, then regains complete power and speed
happens maybe once every 4 or 5 months....

I'm thinking loss of spark for that split second........any ideas?
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This is a shot in the dark, but you might be getting static buildup that is interfering with the ignition system. Maybe you should try putting a small wire on the bottom of your car that drags along the road--if static buildup is the problem, this will dissipate the charge before it builds enough to disrupt ignition. I'm not a mechanic but it's an idea.
Replace the crank position sensor... it will not leave code until after it dies and new sensor installed and car runs again.
Dear 98,

As you have a 12 -year old Tiburon, I am going to suggest the faults that are high mileage/old age related. The crank position sensor is logical, and can have intermittent faults when hot until complete failure. It is also relatively cheap to replace. I would also suggest that you check your ignition cables, as these are not supposed to last 12 years.

I had an old Volvo once with the same problem. It turned out somebody had sabotaged the car by loosening all the visible ground wires under the hood. I'd be checking wiring connections, battery connections, etc.
Hi, I'm having a similar problem with a 1997 Tiburon 2.0L with less than 50K actual miles. Mine feels like a misfire (hesitates then catches). Where is 'crank position sensor'?
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