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Could last time, can't block updates on Windows 10, when I switched it on a couple weeks ago, couldn't even use it, updated a bunch new of 10 crap.

First I tried an old 1460 and a Nuvi 52, was like these two units were not even plugged in, but no problems with a new Nuvi57. So is Windows 10 designed to obsolete older stuff?

So uploaded Garmin Express on a Windows 7 box, all three units worked fine for the latest updates.

For my 2017 Elantra Limited, came with GPS version 8.5, discussed this with my dealer, he gave me version 9.5, about a year later, version 10.5 came out, was playing with that WiFi connection, setup, and info, hit updates, updated the GPS to 10.5.

When I heard 11.5 came out, tried it again, did say updating GPS, but when it was finished, reverted back to 9.5!

Is this Hyundai's way of saying buy a new Limited? In practically any other country in this world, Hyundai is giving free map updates, except in the good old USA.

160 bucks for a map update, but this is if you download it yourself, if you want it on a 2 buck SD card, 50 bucks extra. Are using google maps and points of interest, but also a year behind, and charging 160 bucks for it? For my computer and smart phone, map updates are free.
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