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That video is hilarious.
Loose the hybrid badge - so he can blend in and wont get run off into the everglade by Yukon driving nonnos?
He may be doing it tongue in cheek, but why go thru so much trouble?
I'd give him an A for workmanship, but a F for backbone or lacking of.

Funny thing is, I actually thought about doing the opposite a few years ago.
ie. buy a non descript hybrid and fake a PHEV badge so I can drive in the car pool lane.

(There would be more than that, such as peel off our totaled Prius' green HOV stickers...too much risk for too little trade-off)

BTW, in the San Francisco Bay Area, HOV lanes are crowded with Lexus'es - they can afford to pay the fee to save time. :grin2:
"A high-occupancy toll lane (or HOT lane) is a type of traffic lane or roadway that is available to high-occupancy vehicles and other exempt vehicles without charge; other vehicles are required to pay a variable fee that is adjusted in response to demand."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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