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Hi everyone,

The shop section of works fine on my machine, but the ETM section comes up with large white spaces between the titles. I can't see anything! I've tried it on three different browsers (IE, firefox, and chrome) on both mac and pc, I've updated IE to the latest and greatest, installed the newest flash, adobe reader, and silverlight, and still nothing works! I even emailed them to myself here and at school, and still nothing!

I was hoping that someone would be willing to look up the color codes for the wires that control the interior lights. I'm looking under the dash, around the interior fuse panel, for the positive and switched ground wires. I know that in the overhead they are red and blue, but there are so many wires under the dash that I don't want to get poking around with a multimeter to find them. Especially since I'd have to cram myself under the dash, and then close the door to check!

It's on a 2008 hatchback. Thanks for your help! I really, honestly have tried everything I could think of to get this information myself, but it just doesn't seem to work.

On the plus side, I'll post a how-to on the mod I'm working on once I've gotten the wiring finished.

Thanks guys!
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