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Many just don't know what oil should be used in their vehicles as they have no idea of the viscosity and/or the API service classification. DG had SF oil and I would guess people looking for the inexpensive, purchased the oil and used it in newer vehicles, but DG now has SN rated oils.

In my opinion oil is oil as long as the specs are in agreement with manufacturer's recommendation and if the engine is quality, no problem. Not getting into a debate @ synthetic vs dino, but never had a problem with dino and many cars over 200k miles. Simply for the cost, did change to a, let's not say cheap, let's say inexpensive oil in the 2.0T, synthetic blend 5-30 $1.79 qt. no problems. Figure a junk engine so just try and keep it going but with proper products.
So for an oil/filter change $13, can't beat it.
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