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My mother's SE makes a kind of noise when starting and stopping in the driveway that is caused by braking, but I'm not sure that it's the brakes themselves. It's not a disc brake "chirp" like some discs make when cold. It's like the sound you hear when you jack a car up on one corner, coming from the suspension, or when you set it back down. "Squwrnch."

There's a little tiny bit of disc noise, but the chassis noise is what is loudest and most annoying to me. It does it on level pavement, and at the end of the drive where there is a down slope brought up short by meeting the road in the gutter.

My GS doesn't do this, so I know the chassis noise shouldn't be there. On the first trip in to the dealer for the new SE, then, I'd like to see if this noise can be eliminated. And it would help, I think, if I could tell the dealer "I know it's not supposed to do that" and also tell them where the sound might be coming from.

Any ideas? Something to tighten down? Something too tight? Something rubbing?

Thanks in Advance.
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