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Problem: ‘04 Sonata V6>
passenger rear brake pads won’t fully release from the rotor
Tried: 1)new brake calipers and brake lines at the calipers
2)new rotors and brake pads
3)re-Inspected caliper pins?
4)brake piston moves freely(not seized) of course this is new gear

Not sure what to do next, when I put new pads on I left the old brackets on. This seemed to also contribute to the pads remaining in contact with the rotors. When I test drove it, smoke and the terrible smell showed. I took it back apart put the new brackets and a little anti seize and this seemed to allow the pads to back off the rotor “some”.
Test drove, no smoke but it’s obviously still holding and heating up. Any ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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