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Brake lights won't go out!

I have the same issue with the nylon pad being gone. Can the nylon pad be purchased? It doesn't even show on the brake pedal assembly at the Hyundai parts page!
Lo and behold, I experienced exactly the same problem with my 1996 Elantra GLS Wagon. After I pulled into the garage and switched off, wifey noticed that the brakes lights were all on. Perplexed, I hadn't a clue, but knew that the battery would gradually lose power unless I rectified it quickly. I did find a small circular plastic disc about 4 mm thick and about 18 mm in diameter lying on the driver's side floorboard, under the brake pedal. GOOGLE'ing "Brake lights won't turn off", the answer quickly came in the form of a short YOU-Tube video that stated that the problem was most likely due to failure of a small circular plastic (clear Nylon) pad (called a 'brake pedal bumper', somewhat incongruously). The video'er had experienced the problem on his Ford F**kus, but said that this was a common engineering feature on most cars' brake pedals. Checking that pad (that lies between the switch plunger and the brake pedal actuating lever), sure enough, that small bumper pad had failed (at about 131K miles). So, removing the brake lights fuse from the fuse panel (to spare the battery), I obtained a spare pad from the local Hyundai dealer. They cost about $3, so I got a couple for spares, since a small defect like this can cause all sorts of bedevilment (1. Your car won't allow you to shift into DRIVE if the brake lights fuse has been removed; 2. disconnecting the battery is NOT an option, since that 'resets' the 'check engine' gizmo; 3. leaving your stop lights glowing will make the bulbs super-hot and might even eventually do some melt damage to the wiring; etc.).

Incidentally, the part number for all 1996 through 2000 Hyundai Elantras is 109D-32876-25000 ("Stopper-Pedal"). A picture of the little culprit is attached (both the broken one and two of the new replacements).

Whodda thunkit?! :surprise:


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