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For my 2001 Elantra, this little piece has a part number of "H 32876 25000" (mostly the the same number as listed above). Its about the size of a quarter (round diameter), about 1/8th inch thick. It has a little extra piece on the back that goes into the hole of the pedal (the hole is about the diameter of a #2 pencil), to hold it into place.

If you were desperate, I think you could temporarily go to a hardware store, and get something that I think is called a "cabinet door bumper". Get the biggest one you could find. Here, you would rely on the stickiness of the back of the "cabinet door bumper" to keep it in place, since it does not have that same "little extra piece" that does into the hole of the pedal.

A cabinet door bumper is a little hard plastic piece you put on the inside of your cabinet doors, so that when you close them, the full cabinet door wood, does not "clank" the cabinet frame wood, full force. If you go to [email protected] and search for "cabinet door bumpers", most likely you can get a visual.

Interesting enough, my dealership only had ONE stopper-pedal in stock!!! (I wanted to buy 2 of them, since it was only $1, but no luck). On the way home, as I looked at the new item, I was like "I could have probably used a cabinet door bumper".

Good luck!

PS It your cat sits overnight with your brake lights on, you may have a mostly dead battery. If you have a 5 speed, park on a hill and pop the clutch............
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