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Brake Light/ Turn Signal Problem

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Ok heres the deal. My right turn signal works fine unless the brake is pressed. The left works fine no problems. If the flashers are on and i press the brake the flashers stop on both sides. The brake lights work fine on both sides. Ive checked all the bulbs on both sides, front and back, and everything is working fine. Its only a problem when im trying to use my right turn signal when the brake pedal is pressed the turn signal stops flashing and just lights up.

If anyone has had this same issue or might know what it would be itd be a huge help. I was thinking maybe the turn signal relay or maybe the brake switch...
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welcome to the forums :00000732:

the problem you have is caused by a bad earth/ground connection on the back light. check the rear right light bulb holder assembly and make sure the black wire (ground connection), this is where is making a good contact, this is where the problem lies

I am having the same problem but with the stop light, first one on the taillight bulbs stop working i change it works for a while but then it burned again if i change it works fine after pressing the brake pedal for sometime the bulb will get burned can you help us by showing us a picture where is the black wire is

thank you


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The black wires look good as far as i can see. No cracks, serious bends, fraying. Should the bulb housings be replaced? Even with all the bulbs pulled out of the right(bad) and the flashers on, when i put on the brakes the flashers stop.
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