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Decided to replace the stock factory globes with LEDsto give a better output when braking , so chose these from AliExpress the bulb has LEDs underneath the firing back @ the red reflectors giving much broader & brighter output .
Best thing was working straight out of the box , NO resistors or led decoder required to connect to get them working perfectly 😄 ( 06 to 09 model )

AU $18.46 20%OFF | 2x 360-Degree S25 1157 BAY15D P21/5W 30W LED Chip Car Reverse Backup Brake Light Turn Parking Signal Light White/Red/Amber

While they say they are canbus error free in the listing thinking for 10 to 12 model you will have to maybe add led decoder ( attached pic ) trial & error I guess , decoder much easier to install plug and play ( no splicing wires ) .

If you have to add the led decoder use double sided thermal pads (computer thermal pads ) to attach to the body of car , conducts heat transfer better as well keeping the decoder from overheating or burning out & transfer heat away from the LEDs in turn making the LEDs last longer .

Now to see how long the LEDs will last , hoping like the others I've installed previously !


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