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The tailgate/hatchback handle is part # 81260-2D200 :: HANDLE ASSEMBLY-TAIL GATE OUTSIDE
Looks like you can get them online from a variety of parts sites for $25-30+ s/h

But you could have an issue with the handle, or the latch mechanism itself. There is a physical lever linkage between the two, and if something was binding in the latch, it might cause the feeling at the handle.
Search for the part #, you'll be able to find part diagrams of the entire back hatch with part numbers.

When/if it comes time to remove the interior trim, remove all the screws (5? if I recall), and the 3 small insert covers.
Then start at the top next to the third brake light and work your way down the sides to the big main piece. It won't want to come off easily otherwise.
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