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While investigating the different Body Kit options I came accross the the material used for manufacturing the different kits. Seems some are made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic, FRP/Fiberglass, others are manufactured in Polyurethane/urethane.

I found the Pro and Cons for both:

-Easily repairable
-Easily painted
-More affordable
-No sagging
-Easier to break

-Very resistant to breaking
-Painting requires a few more work for adhesion
-Will sag over time due to heat/sun
-A bit more expensive
-Repairing polyurethane will be really difficult. Most shops won't even bother.
-Weighs a bit more than fiberglass.

Sagging over time due to heat/sun seems a major negative for where I live. My Trans Am came from the factory with aero parts and never had any problems but don't know what material was used.
Any practical advice or experience is welcomed.:00000732:
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