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I am looking at changing cars to a 2015/16 Hyundai i20 (the newer shape). I've never owned a Hyundai before but my mum recently bought an i10 and fell in love with it. My query may seem frivolous to many but it's very important to me. I currently drive a 2006 Citroen Berlingo Multispace which had a basic CD/FM radio in it but I swapped it out for a cheap Bluetooth Pioneer after-market stereo from Halfords so that I could listen to my music and podcasts from my iphone. Now it seems that most i20s I look at mention Bluetooth but looking into it a bit deeper it seems some versions the Bluetooth is purely for phone calls. Some it's also for music but nowhere can I find mention of ability to access and play podcasts from the phone. This is absolutely crucial to me. I barely listen to the radio and only occasionally music from the phone but I listen to podcasts almost every journey. If I can't do this in an i20 then it won't make sense for me to buy one. Can anyone give me any clarification on which trim level or stereo/nav system I need to play my podcasts from my iphone. I'd be really grateful for any help. It's really hard to find clear information about details like this when researching cars. My wife was considering a Mini Cooper and it took me ages to work out that when Mini say Bluetooth they mean purely for phone calls. No music. Unless you opt for their super duper stereo system.
Anyway, thanks for any help you guys can provide. I'm lost!
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