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Strange thing. Picked the car up from Toronto Hyundai yesterday. Car looks great. It is the top of the line 2011 with Nav. We sit in the dealer lot for a half hour, played with the sound system, bluetooth, GPS etc. to get the hang of it, and we sync my wife's phone, a Blackberry Curve. Also synced my Bold 9000 a bit later as a method of troubleshooting.

We transferred her address book no problem, paired the phone no problem.

So off we drive home, and we call my son on his cell phone to make the first bluetooth call in the car. He heard us OK, but on our end, the static was crazy, almost impossible to hear him. So he called again, same thing. Then we paired my phone and changed the connection to my Bold. Same thing. We tried having him call in as opposed to us calling out. Same thing. Loud crackle made it almost un-usable. We even turned the A/C off to make sure it wasn't electrical noise from the car. We tried re-positioning my wife's phone within the car in case it was some sort of interference.

Just to test HIS phone (my son's Bold 9000), we disconnected the car bluetooth and made calls between our phones. They worked perfectly.

We were going to bring it back to the dealer today. This morning my wife's in the car taking my son to the subway, and we wanted him to hear it also. So I called the car from home, they answer and it's perfect. We tried again, calling both ways, car to home and home to car. Perfect.

So at this point, there is no point taking it to the dealer. But it's strange and I'm wondering if anyone had the same experience. I should also say that after the problem occurred last evening, in playing with the nav/sound/phone system in the driveway when we got home, I managed to lock it up so that no buttons would work, even after shutting the car off. It seems to have cleared itself up this morning, just as the noise problem did.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Harry Fine
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