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I have read on the web about a product known as 'Bluefin'. It is a UK company who are selling a digital enhancment for a Tucson CRDI which would signigicantly increase the Horsepower and Torque. Has anyone tried it? What is it like? Will it ruin a stock Tucson?
Hi muirhousetce

I have just been onto the Bluefin web site and checked their Tucson site and got this message " There is currently no Bluefin device available for your vehicle, but to install a Superchip in your Hyundai Tucson" Then a button press to locate a dealer.
Now I personally wouldn't chip my Tucson as that would possibly invalidate my warranty.

Have you read up on my report about the tuning boxes that can be added and you can get more torque and power plus fuel savings dependant upon road conditions and the way the vehicle is driven.
I managed to get a company to give this forum members and also the and tucsondriversdotcom a discount of 48euro's against their normal prices if purchased using the unique code in the report- They will also discount their MICI version which has different options and we they will offer a member price of 178,-euros instead of 198,- Euros
To have a look at the report its under performance on this website and also on the others.
You haven't said where in the UK you reside nor what version of the Tucson you have but visit the website and look at the products where they also list the changes to Power and Torque.
I have now used one for the past 5 years and am convinced that by using it I am getting a better return in mileage, towing power and it really makes you smile at the performance differences.

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