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Guys, that little blue light isn’t ambient lighting and it’s not a map light, it’s not bright enough to illuminate anything.

The correct answer is: That blue light is merely an indicator to let you know if your headlights are on or not. Turn your headlights off and that blue light turns off, turn your headlights back on and that blue light comes back on!

You’re welcome 🤪
I think you might have the cart before the horse on your theory. Granted, this light will illuminate when the headlamps are 'on'; however, this 'mood lamp' is strictly an option to assist in [outline] illumination of your console real estate. Hence, its official name and location.
If it was designed as an indicator, I think it might not follow/meet basic criteria for accepted automotive design functionality.
Besides, there is already a green indicator lamp on the dash to indicate whenever your lights are on (in either manual or automatic mode):
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