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Ok, I took the time to do this work and now I want to share it to you so you get to know how would our headlights look with this mod.

The first thing you need to do it to take your headlights apart. It is very easy just 2 bolts and 1 clip and you dont have to remove the bumper just the bolts and clips of the grill and you can reach one of the bolt of the headlight. You should know where is the other bolt (upper part of the headlight).

Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery or remove the battery negative terminal first when removing, while putting the battery again connect positive first, there should never be the negative terminal connected to the battery without the positive connected.

Unplug the headlight connectors and remove the turn signal bulb.

This is how the OEM look

Remove this screw.

To open the headlight you can use an oven or a heat gun. I recommend using a heat gun because it is easier to control the heat. It takes 10-20 minutes to take the headlight apart.

If you are using a heat gun. Use the heat gun at low level and start heating one side of the headlight (for example the upper part). Heat it like 2 minutes and have the heat gun like 5-10 cm from the headlight.

I didn't use gloves, be careful not to burn yourself. Start prying the section you heated. After you pry one side a little bit repeat the same process with the other side. Now go again to the first side and heat it again because it will cool down while you are working in the other side. Pry until you get them almost apart.

When you are about to get them apart just heat all around and then with your hands pull them apart.

Set aside the reflector part.

Unscrew the trim and unclip it from the plastic cover. Take out the trim.

Now remove the orange reflector from the trim. Becareful not to broke any clip of the reflector. There are 3 clips, one on each side. If you brake more than two you can just glue the orange reflector back when you finish painting.

For the reflector of the turn signal you cant remove it, so use masking tape to cover it, or you can paint it if you want. If you paint it the light will be decreased.

Wetsand the chrome off with 320 grit paper.

Then apply primer first. Read the instruction at the back of the spray can. After the primer let it dry for 2-3 hours then wetsand with 600 grit paper before painting. Do not press to hard or you will take the primer off. You can use any paint, I recommend using a high heat paint, but it is not necessary. Make sure to read full instructions of any thing you spray.

Let the paint dry 3-4 hours. If you use high heat temp you may want to heat set it. Just heat it with your heat gun until you can feel it hot.

If you want to you clear coat it is just repeat the same process. Wetsand the paint and then clear.

Clean everything very very well. Put back the orange reflector and the trim. I used compressed air to make sure there was no dust or any particle inside my headlights.

To seal it put the headlight parts back again just as before you pulled them apart with your hands. Heat one side of the headlight and when it is hot push them back as hard as you can. Repeat the process with the other side and then repeat it until you see it is good together.

Use some black high temp silicone all over where you pry. Just to make sure it has a good seal.

After all the steps above I putted shop towels where the turn signal bulbs and the halogen bulbs were and let them absorb all the moisture that could be inside the headlight. Leave it like that about 3 hours. Put the bulbs back.

Reinstall the headlights.


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