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I know this is a rather awkward statement to pose but that is the best I could come up with. Just a little back story; I'm 6' even but with very short legs and a tall torso so finding cars where my hair doesn't graze some part of the roof lining is a chore. Even in my Santa Fe I have maybe an inch and a half of extra clearance to the roof but I have the seat moved forward because my legs are so short. It's actually probably a good thing my SF doesn't have a sunroof because on the 1st Gen models that I've driven with it, my head is wedged against the headliner due to the cut in the roof. Me trying to drive a Tiburon was a very interesting prospect. It can be done but like anything that requires a great deal of effort, it isn't pretty or exceedingly graceful. Basically it involved me moving the seat WAY up and reclining the back rest WAY down, otherwise I had to crick my neck in order to fit.

Move to yesterday when I drove my first Genesis Coupe. It didn't hit me until after but I actually fit without any sort of contortionist act. I got in, started the engine and took muss, no fuss, no tweaking the seat to find a position that I might fit in. It was still tight but nowhere near the square peg in a round hole act of getting in a Tibby. But my research didn't end there. I believe that up until just recently, Hyundai designed most of their seats for shorter Korean statures and because of this, the seats don't go back very far at all. Even with my stubby legs, I can put my seat all the way back and still operate the pedals, something I can't do with most cars. Today I got to sample a new Tucson and the power seat went back so far I couldn't touch either pedal. The long of leg will certainly appreciate this change.

Just thought I'd let everybody know that it appears that Hyundai has broadened the accommodations for physical diversity in their cars and all I can say is, about time!!
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