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I was almost on the same boat (IS 250 or TSX), and ended up with my Sonata. I work hard for my money, and don't care about 'cache'. This car is so much more upscale than the competition it's not even funny. And the warranty speaks for itself. I went with Venetian Red and camel interior, and it looks super classy. Debadged it right away, as with all my cars (just left the middle 'H' symbol, like always, but the 'sonata' and 'limited' are gone). Other than that, will tint it, and maybe all-season mats when they become available OEM. Have WeatherTech on my CRV and stain horribly. Congrats. Have the feeling these things will become as common as Camrys in a bit. Hyundai is going to eventually kick Honda and Toyota's butt with their styling and quality. THey better start getting their act together.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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