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Ok.. maybe it wasn't exactly the most impulsive move I've made but def one I don't regret. I've been on the market for a car for about a month or 2 now.. and have yet to find anything that I was really thrilled about. Almost pulled the trigger on a used Lexus ES350 (fully loaded) but decided to go check out the Sonata just for fun.

4 words: love @ first sight! :w00t:

I didn't need any further convincing after the test drive haha and i suppose the 2.9 APR financing did not hurt ;)

And probably my fav thing about this car? The Wine interior!!
I know some people aren't huge fans of it.. but you MUST check it out in person to appreciate how it enhances the interior's image! The color is hard to capture with a camera but trust me, it's worth a look.. or two :)

Now I'm just waiting for my HIDs and some LED bulbs to arrive! wooh hoooo!
I got my black limited with NAV delivered last April 16 and am really glad to (a) decide with my purchase, no regrets, and (B) have had to wait only a week since I signed for my new car to be delivered. However, seeing this wine red interior for the first time made me think if I should have waited a little longer............nahhh!!! Still love my car and congrats on your purchase.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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