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Bearing vibration on bearing damage, is also worth attention. Such as peeling, trace and corrosion cracks, wear, etc, also be reflected in the determination of bearing vibration, by the use of special bearing vibration measurement (frequency can be understood as zhangs gauge, etc.) after the size of the vibration frequency points will inevitably infer the abnormal condition in detail. As numerical bearing operating conditions and different risk such as the location of sensor devices, so you need to the length of each machine quantity in advance to stop after grasping the south is not certainly discriminant not specification.

The quality of imported bearings to maintain machine is very good. However, bearing in the daily operation, incorrect operation will reduce the service life of SKF Bearings maintain machine, with fracture. To introduce the situation can be maintained from below concerns may be machines, and Seoul.
First, maintain the machine abnormal load.
Mismatching E-mail address, be easy to have the opportunity to reduce, such as large amount of friction and surface abnormal softening in the shortest possible time peeling, the expansion of the peeling, flaking foreign body into the plane, hole helmet block to operate, and maintain subsidiary load and growing, deterioration of machine so the virtuous cycle of the role of, is not likely to maintain frame).

Second, poor lubrication bearing problem.
Bearing shutdown state boundary formation, wear and tear the surface of the work situation continued to deteriorate, wear of the tear easily into the device, in maintaining machine load, is likely to maintain frame).
Third, bearing foreign body to be hard
External hard foreign body into the grounds, maintain the machine wear or produce abnormal additional load, maintain frame).
4: bearing creep - (or) phenomenon
How much creep refers to ranked fourth, slide phenomenon, will face under the condition of excessive amount insufficient, reason to judge a big attraction to move around, relatively behind the fourth axis and highlight the location of the circumferential direction bias phenomenon.

Fifth, the bearing maintain equipment on the basis of the improvement,
And different, shrinkage cavity, embedded metal riveting and or insufficient air bubble defect "charged with nail and the combination of the two and a half to maintain machine, serious riveting injury may occur, such as maintaining frame).
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