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Second time I am having this problem, and second trip to the dealer tomorrow AM for it. This is my second of 3 vehicles purchased from this dealer & I am getting furious at their lack of customer service.

PROBLEM: Back around late 2016, the first time I went to use the 110v AC power outlet, as soon as I turned on the dash switch, I heard a pop from under the dash & the power indicator light went out. Checked & found the 25a fuse marked Power Inverter blown. Unplugged item, replaced fuse, hit the power switch and fuse popped again, with nothing plugged into outlet. Took it to the dealer for service & told them about the fuse/outlet also. Tech says fuse was blown, he replaced it & "it works fine now", no charge. Thought nothing of it, went home & then decided to try the outlet & it was dead. Figured ok, the **** with it, what are the chances I will ever want to use it again anyway, so ignored it.

Then in Dec of 17: 1-All Windows stop operating in closed position,
2-Front Intermittent Wipers stop working,
3-Back wiper stopped working.
I took a test light which works perfectly, & tested every single fuse in the panel in the pass comp as well as every one in eng compartment. Every single fuse lit the test light, including the 25A that is supposed to power the DEAD AC outlet!

I get in touch with a friend who is a Hyundai Serv Tech, & he told me that everything that stopped working, plus the rear AC outlet are all routed through the BCM as well as a bunch of other accessories to boot, & if he was a betting person, his money says my BCM is shot & needs to be replaced.

With it out of warranty now, I start looking for a BCM at reasonable price, and find one, only to be told that the dealer has to "Program" it after it's installed, so not driveable. I decide to bite the bullet & pay them their blood money & took it to the dealer for diagnosis & replacement of the BCM. Less than an hour the car is ready The Serv Tech tells me it was a blown 10A BCM2 fuse, & that he replaced it everything works fine! I told him that's not possible, since I tested every dam fuse in the car and they were all good. He said maybe it was blown except for the tiniest thread when I tested it and that by the time he tested it, it was completely blown. I didn't & still don't believe that, but everything worked & I saved $400.00, so off I went.

Today 2/20/18, my wife goes out & comes back 4 hours later saying the car is broken, the windows are stuck in down position. I go out thinking BCM2 fuse again.

Turn on truck, try windows-ALL DEAD, try Front Intermittent Wipers-DEAD, try Rear Wipers-DEAD. I am livid with this repeat problem now, especially since the windows are stuck OPEN & appears like rain is to come. Call dealer, says they can't do anything for me until tomorrow AM! Make appt. also let them know how unhappy I am with their serv dept attitude lately (problems w them with veh 3 service as well) & to be sure they know that this has happened before and all they did was change a fuse but did NOT find & fix the cause of the problem so I am not paying full boat for what they didn't fix before.

In the meantime I decide to check AllData, & look at the pin data for the BCM & the fuse panel legend, and find that the

BCM2 10A Fuse supposedly powers:1-Rheostat, 2-BCM, 3-Instrument Cluster(MICOM), 4-AC Inverter Switch, 5-AC Inverter Module.
No mention at all about windows, wipers, or power outlet.

BCM1 10A Fuse that simply powers: BCM.
BCM3 10A that supposedly powers: 1-BCM, 2-Ignition Key
Illum., 3-Door Warning Switch, 4-Security Indicator.

I also find the following,Marked:

15A HAZARD: 1-Hazard Relay, 2-Hazard Switch, 3-BCM, 4-
Instrument Cluster(IND.), 5-MultiFunct Switch(Light), 6-Rear
Combo Lamp(OUT),7-LH/RH Head Lamp Switch.

10A CLUSTER: 1-Alternator, 2- Instrument Cluster(IND.), 3- BCM,
4-A/V & Nav Head Unit, 5-TPS Monitor Module, 6-DVD Module.

10A TPMS: Tire Pressure Monitoring Module.

15A RR WIPER: 1-Rear Wiper Relay, 2-Rear Wiper Motor, 3-Multifunction

20A DR LOCK: 1-Door Lock/Unlock Relay, 2-ICM Relay Box, 3-BCM,
4-Drv/Pas Door Lock Actuators, 5-Tailgate Lock Actuator,
6-Rear Door Lock Actuator LH/RH GM01 (Ground).

25A AC INVERTER: AC Inverter Module.

25A P/WDW LH: 1-Power Window Main Switch, 2-Rear Power Window Switch

25A P/WDW RH: 1-Power Window Main Switch, 2-Passenger Power Window
Switch,3-Rear Power Window Switch R/H.

So, anyone have any idea just what the **** is wrong here? My guess would be an overloaded circuit, or cross wired circuit, or dead short, possibly a failing master window switch shorting because of the stupid location they put them in directly under the window where they get wet since no more drip gutters & the when you open the doors when raining or snowing and get soaked, but I think most likely a defective BCM.

Thoughts & suggestions please.
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