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I'll try and be concise about the problem as it's turning into a long story.
*New starter motor about a year back.
*New battery about 6 months ago.
*For past 3 or 4 months have problem starting if car not driven for couple of days
*Assumed drain due to device but measured amp draw when switched off is 0.04A which I think is low/ok.
*If battery is unplugged takes 3 days to drop from 13.23V to 12.92V (0.31v drop) (and starts ok)
*If battery plugged in then takes 2.5 days to drop from 13v to 12.74V (0.26v drop)
*Have unplugged alternator and left for several days, voltage drop the same.
*Will start from jump start every time.
*Will always start if been driven in previous 24hours.

A friend has suggested it may be a starter motor fault where the motor requires higher than normal voltage to start. Has anyone else had similar problems ?

Any help with this much appreciated as the problem is starting to drive me nuts.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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