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I am having a problem with the engine stalling when I slow down at a red light and apply the brake. It seems like applying the brake stalls the engine. I also have trouble starting the engine after filling with gas. I have to hold down the accelerator and run there engine at 2 k rpms in neutral for about thirty seconds or the engine will stall. It rides rough and jerky for about a half mile then seems ok. The starter seems ok, just seems like its not getting any gas. Doesn't matter if I pump $1 of gas or a full tank, still stalls if I don't run it at 2 k rpms first. When its running and cruising or applying the gas pedal no issue at all. There also seems to be a delay in pressing the gas pedal and accelerating.

I get no error code which is strange. How do i know if the fuel pump is bad? I would just switch it but its a couple hundred bucks. Is a fuel pressure gauge expensive?

I have a 2006 Accent with 90 k miles. Is the life of the fuel pump based on age or mileage? Its only four years old but high miles.
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