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So for the past few days my car has been making some noise while I drive. Noise is like a clicking/humming/or clanking. It is prominent enough that I hear it when I drive. At first I thought it may have been the CV joint but the boots are intact and there is no grease spillage.

It seems to be coming from the front left side. * I had had an accident on the same side a few months back but the noise started recently.

I went to four different auto repair shops to get it checked out and see if they come to the same conclusion.

1- Said it is the front hub bearing and that the accident may be the cause of it.
2- Said no mechanical issues, the body is making the noise. (I believe he is wrong).
3- Couldn't even hear the noise.
4- Couldn't even hear the noise.

I am going to one more today just to confirm. However, I am fairly certain it is the hub bearing. I will jack it up today to do the test to see if there is any play in the bearing.

My car is 07 Sonata with 100k + miles on it. I wanted to do the repair myself.
My question is whether I should just change the bearing or the whole assembly. Also I am worried if the bearing is going to be rusted to the point that I would not be able to take it out myself.

In the case if it is rusted, would grease and a mallet be enough. Any thought/suggestion before I start this endeavor.

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