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Hey All,

I thought I would quickly post a question here. The switch that turns my reversing lights on seams to be faulty and I was hoping to replace it this weekend. However I am finding it very difficult to source the part.

Admittedly I could take it to the dealer to get them to fit it, and the amount of time I have spent looking for the part it is starting to look like an attractive possibility.

So, does anyone have any idea what the part number is for the original part or where I can get a replacement part?

The only part I have been able to find so far was "XRLS102" by a company called Commercial Ignition but as it does not expressly say it will work with the Getz I don't want to buy it.

About my car:
It’s a Hyundai (obviously) Getz 1.3 GSI 2004

Many thanks :grin:
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