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hello to everyone, finally decided to join, i have a 2002 accent with 50,000 miles 1.6l engine automatic. Recently i've been having trouble with the transmission, at first it would just hesitate to go into 3rd, now reverse is gone and when i come to a stop it jerks. I took it in to the Hyundai dealership but since im not the orginal owner they don't honor the 100,000 mile warranty, i bought the car when it had 1,600 miles. The dealer said that sure enough the transmission needed to be replaced. I changed the transmission fluid and filter when i sarted having problems. I bought a scanner and i'm not getting any trouble codes the check engine light is not on. I'm scarred to do this but im going to bring down the transmission and open it up, this is the first time i do something like this, any help would be greatly appreciated, i don't want to buy a used transmission.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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