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hey guys....
do you know any place in SoCal where you can install some woofers? also...any suggestions? i have the GLS model with the tweeters and speakers in-doors and i was thinkin of addin 1-2 woofers in the trunk. How big should they be and how much would it cost me ? (including the amp). Also, i wanna hook it up with the stock system and keep all the speakers working: tweeters, front and rear speakers.

Also, I have to mention that I don't want the woofers for cruising at 20MPH in town so i can show off my an elantra i doubt anyone would; so dont give me like....15 inch speaker suggestions cuz i dun wanna blow off my trunk door.

I want clarity and i want to hear the bass when its there....the elantra stock speakers dont really do a great job at that.

With that said...hope to hear from you guys soon

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