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hello fellow hyundai accent owners, i know most of you live really far away from where i am (Vancouver BC Canada) but i know some of the owners here are in seattle or close to the BC border and some of you might even live in BC!
Anways there is a hugee Revscene summer meet event going down from my local import car forum (over 70,000 local members, usually about 500-600 cars at summer meets)

we do events such as giving away free items, lots of food, lots of clean modified cars!(not ricers!)... and lots of tiburons and genesis coupes but no other hyundais, i would like to bring up other unique hyundais to this meet as well other than those 2 types of "cool hyundais"
if you are willing to come down we can all have a small gathering somewhere before the Canada border and cruise up to the border/meet from there (yes i am pretty dedicated to the revscene forum, i am willing to travel down to the states to "lead" the hyundai crew as long as its a reasonable distance from the BC border)

Event: Sausagefest Summer Meet 2010
Date: August 29th, 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 11am to 3pm
Location: Richmond Night Market Parking Lot (Behind Home Depot, Sweden Way, Vauxhall Pl/Frontage Road and River Rd, Right off of Knight Street Bridge)

more info click the link below, theres a video of last years meet which was a successful turnout (lots of cars traveled from the states as well, yep its that big)

i posted this on my sonata forum as well, hope to see some of you guys!

im quite of a senior on revscene forum so id be happy to answer you all the questions you might have!
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