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I own a 2008 1.1 Getz and the crankshaft timing belt drive gear got forced into the engine block causing the timing plate to destroy the CPS - which is why I went looking for this forum

It would appear that everyone is just accepting this as one of those things instead of asking WHY ?

Why is the TB drive gear and timing plate getting forced forward

After three days of deliberation - Umming and Ahhing - I believe I figured it out

The crankshaft is too short . . . there is NO stop for the securing bolt . . . the tighter the bolt (impact wrench) the more pressure is excerted on the TB drive gear

Insert a steel washer AFTER the main pulley BEFORE the second pulley spacer allowing it to tighten AGAINST the end of the crankshaft then when the four bolts are tightened everything is held in its intended position :)

I was fortunate to be able to find a stock washer almost the perfect thickness BUT too big an OD . . . two choices . . . either machine the washer OD to fit the spacer or machine the spacer to accept the washer in it's recess . . . WITHOUT increasing the depth of the recess

On checking I found my timing plate to be no longer running true so I replaced it rather than risk destroying another CPS . . . there is only 1mm air gap between the two

Friends and family cannot believe Hyundai made such an almighty cockup without putting their handup and that it is ME who is wrong

Whatever . . .

My solution is a PERMENANT fix :)
Thanks do you have a drawing of the crank showing exact position of washer. I have atos and already on 3rd gear and sensor also knock on Campbell cover . Any help perhaps to simplify your fix ...
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