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I'm new to the forum, glad I found it! This is my first post.

Got an '08 GLS from a dealer, in trade for my (gas offensive) Nissan Titan, and it came with a set of new tires which is nice. But I noticed the sidewall size is 70 whereas the spec is for 65. I looked at a tire replacement chart and there isn't any for the P185/65 R14 that the Accent requires.

Is there going to be a problem in having these tires on the car?

My wife and I are really pleased with this 3G Accent. I had an '02 which my daughter is still driving with 156k miles on it - and no major problems!

And this is our 6th Hyundai. ;)


your fine ...... i had the same size before i put on my ris and tires there was no rub all ..... even when i lowered the car ....... i rub a lil now with 225/40 18's in front and 245/40 18's in the back ..mostly because of being lowered
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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