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I am posting as last resort as I have not been able to find a dealer that has an archive copy of the software update to get apple carplay on the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 7" DisplayAudio without navigation. I did search threads but did not see anything recent for this model.

My one year old Elantra was totaled last week so I decided to move into a larger vehicle and purchased this on Monday as a certified preowned and was told by the dealer that I just needed to log into myhyundai, get the software download then install via usb. After several calls and learning that the mapnsoft only works for the models with SD cards, Hyundai basically said sorry we dont have the update on the website for you anymore so call around and see if a dealer has a copy of the archive which I've had no success with.

I can't imagine driving this thing for the next 5+ years without apple carplay so I'm hoping some kind soul has a copy of the software update that I can get. Otherwise, this radio is getting ripped out and I'm not a huge fan of the aftermarket look or cost.

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