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If you have a '99 or '98 Elantra … or a 2000 Elantra … or a '97 or '96 Elantra, could you please check the voltage with your multi-meter (DVOM) on your OBD-II DLC connector on the L-Line pin as shown in the attached file, and let me know the voltage?

I show exactly where the pin is, and I list the Memory power pin just above it, to ensure you are set-up and grounded correctly.

I also show the OBD-II DLC connector in the exact orientation you will see when you look up at it.

This doesn't take long to do.

Just turn the ignition to ON and with your multi-meter on 20V DC, just touch the red lead to the DLC 15 pin and the black lead to the chassis ground pin or any ground of your choosing. The driver's door jamb phillips bolt head works great for ground, but you may need an alligator to reach that. With that ground gator'd, it makes touching the DLC pin 15 L-Line easier, especially since you'll need to look at the meter readout once you touch the pin 15.

Please also check the Memory power DLC pin 16 (with the multi-meter red lead) and ground (m-m black lead), and let me know that voltage too.

Oh, and can you look at your door jamb production date and let me know what month and year that says also.



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