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Anyone Use One Of These Trunk Organizers Yet?

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i found this on a hyundai site has anyone tried any? the trunk is so large stuff slides around unless you keep a lot of stuff in it. the grand caravan i traded in had a organizer, we loved it!! . everyone with a caravan who saw it loved it. it looked like this one but it lifted up to store big and heavy stuff under it.

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Hyundai Sonata Folding Cargo Organizer
$175.00 $166.25 On Sale!

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Constructed of durable plastic, cargo organizer keeps things tidy even when you’re turning corners or braking. Removable net dividers provide flexible spacing options.

man i cant get the picture, ill post and try again
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this picture, vantman?

Looks like it is for 2010's and such.
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yes thank you, it looks perfect can you tell if it's a 2011?
The picture is not a 2011 Sonata trunk.

The listing is in the "2006-2008 Hyundai Sonata Accessories" section, if that is a clue.
$166.25? Wow

I grabbed a small one from target for under 20 bucks and put some velcro on the bottom to keep it from sliding.

I think its pretty lame they didn't include a cargo net with this car. Also think it sucks that there is no small drawer to store coins in.
I did the same as previously stated, I took a copy paper box and put 4 small squares of Velcro on the bottom corners.... It stays put and I can move it around when ever I need to move it... I had both items at work so it was a FREE way to keep things from sliding all over the place.

Scotty B
Same here, I have two paper boxs end to end against the back of the rear seats,works for me.
$166??? Nooooo thanks. I like that box with velcro idea, though. I know what I'm buying from Wally World this afternoon.
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