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I find the site fairly useless..Most everything doesn't display for me.

I have a 2002 LX with auto climate control and it doesn't seem to be working quite right. I suspect maybe the solar or sun sensor on the dash may not be working. If the car is in the garage and it's cool, when I start it the AC runs at a low speed. I back out into the drive and start on my way and the fan and temp stay the same and it becomes quite warm unless I turn the temp down. In every other car I have had the solar sensor always ramps up the system upon having sun shining on it. Also noticed while on long trips it's function is a bit erratic. I found the codes here for it, but the solar sensor doesn't appear to be monitored by the system unless that is what they call the "INCAR" sensor but I suspect that is the on inside the control. I had the control out when replacing the stereo and removed the temp sensor and made sure it and the little fan is clean but it didn't affect the operation. I tried blocking the sensor with a piece of cardboard and nothing changed. Now as the temp increases in the cab the system will eventually ramp up to higher speeds so I think the indash temp sensor is working.

Is anyone familiar with this system and what I might be looking for?


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