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why its a minivan? I could see chrome but why those truck looking wheels? How about try the bolt pattern from other Hyundais or KIAs? The Azera has nice 17 inch wheels
Why? Because stock sucks, that's why. And because the stock Hyundai wheels in particular look rather hideous to me. I prefer the Kia wheels better, to be honest, but the Hyundai vans up here were better equipped than the Kia vans we looked at.

I might be forced to roll in a minivan (not my favorite choice but I like its practicality with our children's ages right now) but I don't want it to look like every other van out there.

I like the vehicle and will be keeping it for several years. Here in Canada, we have winters severe enough to warrant an extra set of tires. I choose to purchase custom wheels for summer use, and put winter tires on the stock wheels, since the steel wheels or additional alloys from the dealership tends to be expensive.

You are correct, the Azera has nice wheels. Too bad they are the incorrect bolt pattern.

Why the truck looking wheels? Because Hyundai and Kia decided to be weird and equip these vans with a truck's bolt pattern, but a car-like offset. This makes it very difficult to find a wheel that will fit. The one I posted the link to is one of the few that would fit that didn't look so truck like that it would make the van look more truck-like.

I do like the idea of stealing with pride from other Kia and Hyundai line-up. This is the approach I took on my Audi S4 and mounted OEM Audi RS6 wheels on it. For simplicity on the Entourage, I might just grab a set of wheels from the 2011 Kia Sedona, as they are nice looking. But the devil sitting on my shoulder suggests I should find a way to mount the 18" wheels from the Kia Borrego, if they will fit. They look just about right. A little more investigation should yield an answer soon. :thumbsup: And I may have more luck getting used ones if someone equips their Borrego with aftermarket wheels. Not much chance of that with the 2011 Sedona as no one goes to the trouble of getting aftermarket wheels for these vans. Except me!

But if I go with the factory wheel option, I will probably wait until spring, so that the wheels are more readily available and perhaps I can score some at a wrecker's and not pay top dollar for them.

Also thinking about doing custom grill and spray light smoke color on the reverse and turn signal sections of the tail lights.

HID's are going in at first opportunity, since the van already has projector lights.

And I might tinker with the stereo a bit.


Because I can.

Better question is: Why not?

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I see this thread is 3yrs old give or take, regardless subject is relevant so here goes:

Entourage Limited I'm baby sitting so to speak has 17 inch alloys on it....

(Better analogy would be I'm a doctor and I'm keeping it on life support and wondering what is going to die next.

62k miles, bought new, babied, garage kept..... Hate to say it but it acts is if the car was driven in the ocean, was created from 3 totaled cars with the amount of things that are gone wrong with it. I'm got a 1998 Dodge Caravan with Mitsubishi G71 3.0 v-6 with (3) times the mileage that drives BETTER and has been less problematic!)

Anyhow With the very low numbers of Entourages sold I'm assuming those 17 inch rims are "rare" and will be hard (costly) to replace/match.
I've read here and there rims of xyz years GM Cadillac Escalade will "fit" so far as the bolt pattern, BUT offset is like 20 to 40 +/-mm more than stock, and this is just me thinking that if the rim centers on the hub that will be a issue as well.

(Lots of cars center on the hub)

Really wish people would post on this issue as:

Because it is a Mini-Van and no one is going to "gear up" to make any rims for it. Not many mini Van owners trick out their ride...
Beyond a post or two saying GM Cadillac Escalade rims sort of fit we are really only limited to Sedona rims.... Which has gone out of production as well.

Entourage 2007-2009 RIP
Sedona 2006-2012 RIP

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