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I dropped by the local Hyundai Lot today and kicked some tires.
First a Tucson Limited, about the same size inside as our Nissan Versa only buzzier and noisier.
Next a Santa Fe Limited...if you were to chose from those 2, the extra $3000 for the Santa Fe would be the best money you ever spent.
Then the one I was most curious about, a 2011 Sonata GLS (no Limiteds left on the lot)
On a typical new car Test Flight run of about 25 miles (without the saleman in the back seat), it averaged 33.6 mpg's. considering the engine had only 200 miles on it and I needed to pass a big truck on a long up hill grade, that's as close to the posted window sticker mpg's as you're likely to get on any car today.
I think the 'idea' of the extra HP from the Turbo option might be hard to justify when the regular grade gas 2.4 engine and 6 speed a/t is such a winner as-is.

This ride was an OMG city traffic the 2.4 engine dares you to touch the will take off so fast with just a little nudge, it's scary.

The cabin noise was only heavy breathing...our dog in the back, the seat heaters were like toaster ovens, the 6 speed a/t shifts like a dream, and the standard 2.4 engine had attitude. Loved the throaty snarl when it gets pressed hard.

So, somehow I will manage to get my hands on a Iridesent blue pearl Limited, with 2 tone grey leather interior and a few extra goodies before my last ride is a long black Caddy.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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