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I previously have purchased access from when it was $20 dollars for 3 days. Stupidly didn't think to spider the manual, and can't find the printouts from 2014 when I bought access. Just went to get access hyundaitechinfo before doing a transmission swap and noticed they have since raised the price to $40 a week. Not really thrilled to throw money at hyundai again for info they use to post willingly and paid for once before.

Scoured the forums and saw that az2008 had put the manuals up in zip form but that dev-host site has listings but no longer allows downloads.

Was wondering if anyone knows of a live link for:
accent - 2009 mc - g 1.6 dohc -

Also tried numerous websites mentioned in numerous posts and have been unable to find anything close to the full sections I need.

Thanks so much for any help anyone might be able to send my way.
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