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Wonder if anyone has had this issue with their cars. Our car is a 2013 Elantra GT SE, auto, with 174,000 km. Recently had short block replaced due to ticking issue everyone has been writing about. My wife was driving the car and the following is what she was able to tell me about what happened.

Was on highway, at speed, when I noticed the antiskid/esc light come on followed by a jolt/jerk in the car like the brakes had been applied sharply. The car slowed and would not accelerate. Car behind me had to pass as the car slowed significantly. Took next off-ramp. At stop, all cluster lights came on and the car stalled. Able to restart but the antiskid/esc light stayed on and the car would not accelerate, was very sluggish. Able to make it to work and parked the car for the day.

Going home, the car started fine and the antiskid/esc light was off and the car seemed to be reacting normally until I got close to home when the antiskid/esc light came back on, the car jolted/jerked and acceleration was not very responsive. However, this time, the car did not stall at the first stop. I had to stop off at the store. When I came out the car started, the antiskid/esc light was off and I went home.

The next morning the car was taken to the dealership for service. It started without issue and no warning lights came on. Service department reported they were unable to duplicate the issue. They did not share any codes that came up except for a historical code that they said was a "communication error" and that may have led to the car initiating a "fuel cut function". They also said that it may, or may not be a crankshaft position sensor issue but without knowing for certain, they didn't want to just replace it due to the cost involved and no guarantee that the problem would be corrected. We were told to monitor the car and see what happens.

Would appreciate if you could share similar experiences and any solutions that you have come across. Thanks
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