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Hi all, wondering if anyone can assist. I have an IX35 UK 2010 AWD and it has rust on the bonnet at two seperate places where the welding underneath joins the bonnet.

Car was serviced all through schedule at franchise. One service was done at VAT registered dealer.

Turns out hyundai took the car from us when rust appeared, attempted repair - failed, attempted repair again and failed and said we need a new bonnet. Now hyundai are saying no to a new bonnet because one service was done at another VAT registered garage. And quite correctly so the paint warranty booklet says that you have to get your paint warranty booklet stamped at each service from a franchise dealer. ( A separate warranty book from your service warranty)

So many months have passed - rust is worse and I have had a bit of a discussion with hyundai UK via the REsolver site and they keep referring to the paint warranty terms and conditions.

I know there is a EU directive that states you can have your car serviced using OEM parts at any VAT registered garage and still have a valid warranty - engine etc.

But does this directive apply for anti perforation does anyone know. Hyundai will not budge on the situation even though they took the car twice and failed the repair.

Hyundai UK are telling me they have contacted the paint shop ( franchise) and they have a "new manager" etc so they do not know anything. I myself have all the information, names, job numbers which i passed to them and they are now saying it was a good will gesture by the garage?

So my questions are.

1. Anyone successfully overturned the paint warranty in the UK with the terms and conditions saying servicing only and paint check by franchise dealer?

Yep, I have had the warranty sent to me many times. However this is a manufacturing fault, rust from the inside out. Maybe because an early model? 2010. Confirmed by a paint specialist at the franchise. And they said there is no way hyundai will give you a new bonnet and left it at that. 2 resprays and again failure of the paint and sent on my way,

many thanks for your time.
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