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Yeah, my 2022 Calligraphy has nav, but my point was CarPlay (I have an iPhone) would be basically useless to me. I have to look into the downloading of maps, since the factory nav of my 2022 is absolute crap. The best Hyundai nav I've had was on the 2016 Optima SX-L. The 2021 Palisade Calligraphy was worse. This 2022 SF Calligraphy (and the 2023 G70 as well) is downright horrible. I've missed exits left and right, and that's with my wife paying attention to the maps too. Half the destinations I've used couldn't make it there, due to wrong streets, wrong traffic flow (wrong way), or non-existent location (you just arrived at your destination, but it wasn't there). And it's the latest map version. What I really miss is the 'bong' from the Optima, which told you exactly where the heck to turn. I'm going to set Apple CP myself too (my wife has it), and use it whenever possible. And learn how to download maps, to avoid areas with no service. Oh, and the traffic is crap too; was stopped a freaking hour in Seattle, and the damn thing still showed green all that time.
I think you need to reread how to set up your NAV system, I use it my in-vehicle system everyday as I do many pickups for my charity bike shop including multiple stops. Very rarely do I run across an error and it never has misdirected me. If you have a heads-up display, it will also show the "next" information there as well. I get plenty of "warnings" of where my next turn is so I don't understand your frustration.

I see you mentioned Seattle, I guess that explains it.
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